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Lagunitas Brown Sugga - Strong Ale - CA
Door County - Stout - WI
Funkwerks - Raspberry Sour - CO
Summit Oatmeal Stout - Nitro Oatmeal Stout - MN
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October at Ed’s!!!

From the Bar: 10/2/14

I’d like to begin by expressing my gratitude to Tom and Julie Fassbender and all the volunteers, production folks, musicians, and attendees for another great Boats and Bluegrass. It was an amazing time. I was so happy to be a part of it both as a vendor and a spectator. It’s a special event for Winona, and unlike any other festival I’ve ever been to. The weather was perfect, the music was spot on, and organization was impeccable.


October is filled with so much natural beauty and vibrancy. Like the squirrels gathering nuts ahead of the long winter, the people of Winona, are gathering experiences. Last of the year bike rides, hikes, camping adventures, and enjoying Ed’s backyard with a brew.
To celebrate the changing of the seasons, we have put together an incredible month of music and events.
Just take a peek at our calendar!

10/2 Dead Horses
10/3 The Weathered Heads
10/4 The People Brothers Band
10/7 Hoptoberfest Beer Club
10/8 Jacob Grippen
10/9 WSU Jazz
10/10 The Ericksons w/ Driftwood Bones
10/11 Farewell Milwaukee w/ Jaybone Bell and Restless Light
10/12 Mike Munson
10/15 Jake Ilika and guests
10/16 The Old Fashioneds
10/17 Apollo Cobra
10/18 Manfort
10/21 Homebrew Club
10/22 Jake Ilika and guests
10/24 Bomba De Luz and Frankie Lee
10/25 Green Room presents…
10/26 Mike Munson
10/29 Jake Ilika and guests: residency finale
10/31 Halloween with General B and The Wiz & Ali and The Scoundrels
11/1 Mike Munson and Mikkel Beckmen Album Release Party

I’d like to also make special mention of Jake Ilika’s Wednesday Night Residency, as this month it comes to a close. Jake has held this slot for two years now, and even after moving to the TC he still, more often than not, made the trip down to Winona to play here every week. We’ve watched him grow as a musician, become an incredible performer, build amazing projects with other musicians, and successfully take the plunge into working as a full-time artist. In November he picked up a regular Wed. Night gig a little closer to home, so his visits will be a little less frequent. We congratulate him on this next step in his journey towards success, and look forward to a great month of finales this October!!!

Tuesday Oct 7th is HOPTOBERFEST and Ed’s will host an IPA beer tasting, and you can vote for the IPA you’d like to see on draught year-round. We’ll have 7-8 fresh kegs of some of the world’s best IPA’s to try in a blind tasting, scoring sheets, snacks and prizes. Last year Founder’s Centennial IPA won the contest and has been featured at the pub on draught ever since. Previous winners include Summit Saga and Surly Furious. Who will win this year??? Stop on down and help us decide!

Once again, we’d also like to thank you all for all your support. Owning a business is sometimes a rocky road, with a lot of uncertainties and stumbling blocks, but when I stop down and see your smiling faces, when you come up to me really excited about the new beer you’re trying, when you’re getting down to one of the incredible acts playing on the stage, I realize the last seven and a half years have been so worth it. I’ve met some of the best folks that I’ve ever met anywhere at this bar. I’m humbled and eternally grateful that you choose us as your watering hole, whether you stop in a few times a week or once in a while when you’re buzzing through town. I couldn’t do this without you. We’ve built an amazing artistic community in Winona together. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Ed, Nate, Sarah, Ian, Sam, Jonathan, and Aliza!

Live! On Stage! JONATHAN RICHMAN featuring TOMMY LARKINS on the drums!

From the Bar: 05/14/14

I wanted to give this show it’s own post, because it is truly a dream of mine to host Jonathan Richman at the pub. I’m sure I’ve expressed this to many of you when his songs randomly come up on a playlist there. I’ll admit I was a late comer in my appreciation for his music. I think it was about 10 years ago, living in Seattle, that my roommate Jed put on The Modern Lovers first record for me. It took one verse and I was hooked. In the last decade, I’ve listened to Mr. Richman’s recordings from throughout his 40 year career, and each album I’ve picked up has given me the same joy upon giving it a spin.
There is a purity about the music and the lyrics, a humor that has so little cynicism, a reverence to musical history and geography, nods to art and artists, an appreciation for humanity, love, and friendship…
I hope you’ll be able to join us on this exciting night for the pub, and for me personally.


Onward and Upward!

From the Bar: 01/14/14

It’s been a long cold winter already, but we are gearing up for our biggest few months yet! Ed’s aims to prove this winter and spring, that it is THE choice for live music and entertainment in Winona. We’re betting that you’ll agree.

If you’ve been keeping up with the events at Ed’s, then you know the last couple weeks of January we have an incredible line up of acts, beginning with this week’s Wintergrass 2014! Like last year, we’ve teamed up with Boats and Bluegrass to book 5 nights of unparalleled music. Wednesday, we feature Dave Simonett (of Trampled by Turtles fame) and Band, along with the enigmatic Gabriel Douglas (of the 4 on the Floor); Thursday, Chicago bluegrass legend and former Hen House Prowler, Eric Lambert and Friends with Black River Revue opening; Friday our own Jake Ilika opens for Minneapolis folkgrass act The May North; Saturday local acts Beet Root Stew and Gravy Train hit the stage; and on Sunday, to cap off this amazing week, a HUGE triple bill consisting of Mike Munson, Charlie Parr and Mikkel Beckmen, and 81 year old Mississippi blues legend Leo ‘Bud’ Welch.

And it doesn’t stop there!!! The following week, to celebrate one of Winona’s great cultural events, The Frozen River Film Festival, we will feature on Tuesday 1/21 a beer tasting and 2 great FRFF films; Wednesday, Dead Horses and Last Revel; Thursday Jake Ilika and Actual Wolf; Friday Chris Holm (of the 4 on the Floor) brings his act Fattenin’ Frogs with The Old Fashioneds opening; Saturday’s Meltdown concert features Horseshoes and Hand Grenades and Jaybone Bell and Restless Light; and on Sunday, Mike Munson wraps it all up!
Woah! Phew…

The rest of winter and spring doesn’t slow down much. We’ll be teaming up with MWMF to bring you Joey Ryan and the Inks on Jan 31, Lacrosse Reggae/Rock act T.U.G.G. will be in town on Feb 1st, People Brothers Band Feb 7th, Apollo Cobra Feb 8th, John Paulson’s jazz combo on Feb 15th, Kitchen Dwellers with Jaybone Bell on Feb 21, General B and the Wiz with Koo Koo Kangaroo on Feb 22, The Heavy Set and Erik Koskinen Band on March 1st, Manfort returns on March 15th, The Ultrasounds and San Dimas on March 28th, and Craig Baumann (of Fat Maw Rooney) brings his latest endeavor, Honest Monday on March 29th… Midwest Music Fest comes at the end of April with a few BIG surprises, Aaaaaaand, we are working on many more top quality shows to fill in the blanks. Heck Wilkie Days (July 8-13. Mark your calendars!!!) is almost half booked!

It’s been such a pleasure to work with so many nice and talented folks over the years, and our persistence, reinvestment, and commitment towards making the pub bigger and better, while maintaining quality and quaintness, has been paying off in dividends by attracting more and more of the top talent from the region and beyond to our stage. Folks love coming down to our little neck of the woods to play for YOU, the best music fans in the state!!!
While a large majority of the shows will be free, some will require a cover charge. However, you can be assured that A) The quality will be unmatched – Jim Trouten’s sound and lights are our ace in the hole, and good acts deserve decent pay. B) ALL door money is given directly to the talent and production.

As you already know, Ed’s isn’t just a music venue, we pride ourselves on having the best and freshest beer selection in town. Brandon has been great at curating an eclectic and high quality draught line up with many exclusive brews coming through in the past few months, including Deschutes Abyss and Surly Darkness. Our seasonal bottle selection has grown impressively, and Beer Club and Homebrew Club are still going strong. In fact, we’ve been seeing larger, more enthusiastic crowds than ever before at these events. Dave Sanders’ ‘Beer School’ series was a hit, and Founder’s Centennial IPA won our Hoptoberfest beer tasting and voting to be our featured IPA of the year. Stop down, not just for a show but anytime, to relax in our art filled, cozy environment and enjoy a great brew, cocktail or glass of wine!

We look forward to seeing you in the days, weeks, and months ahead!


Ed, Brandon, Maggie, Aliza, Sarah, Ian, Jonathan, and N8rain!

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